Using Kubectl under Windows

Just a small tip about Kubectl, the command line client to interact with a Kubernetes master. I recently had to use it with Windows 7 and I met problems at the beginning with it. The basic configuration consists in having a config file under the ~/.kube directory. But for some reason, kubectl was not picking […]

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Use Karaf’s JAAS implementation in your own Bundle

This article acts as both a help for people and as a reminder for myself (just in case). So, I have a REST API based on Jersey 1.x that runs inside Apache Karaf. And I would like to add authentication for this REST API. The most important part is that the authentication should be delegated […]

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My name is Vincent Zurczak.
I am a R&D Engineer working for a French Software Editor.

I have a strong experience in Eclipse RCP development, Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) and integration issues. I am now working on a project related to deployment and cloud computing. The project is called Roboconf and is open source.

I used to be a committer on Petals ESB (OW2), SCA Tools (Eclipse) and BPEL Designer (Eclipse).

You can also take a look at my French blog and my GitHub account.