Setting up a YUM / RPM repository on Bintray

Bintray supports many kinds of repositories: Maven, Debian packages, etc. And this is very convenient for open source projects. I recently had to create a repository for Roboconf’s RPM packages. And the least I can say is that it did not work as expected. I made several attempts before it finally works. The creation of […]

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Auto-repaired connections with RabbitMQ

Here is a short article about making RabbitMQ’s Java clients automatically repair their connections. Indeed, sometimes, network issues may result in broken connections. Since version 3.3.0, default Java clients for RabbitMQ have options for this situation. Almost everything is in the factory that creates the channel and consumers. When an established connection gets broken, the […]

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My name is Vincent Zurczak.
I am a R&D Engineer working for a French Software Editor.

I have a strong experience in Eclipse RCP development, Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) and integration issues. I am now working on a project related to deployment and cloud computing. The project is called Roboconf and is open source.

I used to be a committer on Petals ESB (OW2), SCA Tools (Eclipse) and BPEL Designer (Eclipse).

You can also take a look at my French blog and my GitHub account.