BND, Self-Imports and SNAPSHOT versions

First, let’s define what this post achieves.

You want to customize the way the Maven Bundle plug-in (or BND) write version ranges for Import-Package properties in your MANIFEST. Let’s suppose your project depends on package org.toto in version 1.1.

The import range will look like org.toto;version="[1.1,2.0)".
Assuming you want a range like org.toto;version="[1.1,1.2)", you will have to put the following configuration in your POM.


This will work well if this package is only exported by a dependency. Indeed, with the range directive used this way, the package version is guessed.

Now, let’s suppose the bundle that imports this package also exports it (or a sub-package). Well, you will get a surprise. The version range will not be replaced by BND (at least, with the Maven Bundle plugin 2.3.4 – maybe more recent versions throw an error). But you can specify a version with…


This will work because this version, 1.1.1, is compliant with OSGi’s versionning. Let’s now assume you now want to inject your Maven version instead.


That will not work.
You will get a build failure with a message like…

Invalid syntax for version: 1.1-SNAPSHOT, for cmd: range, arguments; [range, [==,=+), 1.1-SNAPSHOT]

To solve that, you will need to use another BND directive, maven_version, that converts the Maven version into an OSGi version. Which gives…


I know. It’s scary… but it works.
Now that I have written this article, I need to check if the problem persists with more recent versions of the Maven bundle plugin.

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