Push not permitted at Github

I like to use EGit to manage my Git repositories. EGit is the Eclipse Git tooling.
I find it much more convenient than the command line.

This afternoon, I created a new organization at Github, with new repositories. However, I encountered a problem when I tried to push my modifications. A dialog showed up in Eclipse, with an error message ending with “Push not permitted”.

I double-checked my configuration and found no error.
I eventually tried a git push in the command line. It gave a more detailed error message. In fact, Github changed the way it manages SSH keys. The SSH key I was using had been created by myself a long time ago, and in a third-application. The shell indicated an URL to follow at Github to authorize my key to be used within the new organization.

It fixed the problem.
It was also possible to allow this new organization to use third-party SSH keys. This error would then have not ocurred.

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