Listing files on a Mediafire account

Here is the story.
I have a free account on Mediafire, where I host some files to be shared. This site provides a nice user experience. This is true for those who download, but also for those whose share files with it (the file management is really good).

The fact is that I would like to be able to list my files from an external application. It is just a way to retrieve my links to share them. Then, people will go on Mediafire to download the files. Mediafire provides an API, but it does not support this feature.

After a quite long search, I finally found a way to list my files.
It was quite hard because authentication is required and because files are not listed in the HTML source but entirely added in the page with Javascript. So, here is the solution (implemented it in Java). For this, I used HTML Unit, but it should also work with Cobra.

 * List file links associated with a given Mediafire account.
 * @author Vincent Zurczak
public class MediafireTest {

	 * @param args
	public static void main(String[] args) {

		// Create a web client
		final WebClient webClient = new WebClient( BrowserVersion.FIREFOX_3_6 );
		webClient.setThrowExceptionOnScriptError( false );
		webClient.setCssEnabled( false );
		webClient.setIncorrectnessListener( new IncorrectnessListener() {
			public void notify(String arg0, Object arg1) {
				// Nothing

	    try {
			final HtmlPage page = webClient.getPage( "" );
			System.getProperties().put( "org.apache.commons.logging.simplelog.defaultlog", "fatal" );

			// Log in
			final HtmlForm form = page.getFormByName( "form_login1" );
			HtmlTextInput emailField = form.getInputByName( "login_email" );
			emailField.setValueAttribute( "your email" );

			HtmlPasswordInput pwdField = form.getInputByName( "login_pass" );
			pwdField.setValueAttribute( "your password" );

			final HtmlImageInput button = form.getInputByName( "submit_login" );
			HtmlPage page2 = (HtmlPage);

			// Then, get the JS script to extract the links
			// We parse the script and not the modified HTML (which I did not succeed BTW)
			JavaScriptPage jsPage = webClient.getPage( "" );
			// 45144: seems to be the same ID for all (anonymous and registered account)

			Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile( "es\\[\\d+\\]=Array\\(([^;]*)\\);" );
			Matcher m = pattern.matcher( jsPage.getContent());
			while( m.find()) {

				String[] parts = 1 ).split( "," );
				String link = removeSurroundingQuotes( parts[ 3 ]);
				String filename = removeSurroundingQuotes( parts[ 5 ]);
				System.out.println( filename + ": http://mediafire/download.php?" + link );

		} catch( FailingHttpStatusCodeException e ) {

		} catch( MalformedURLException e ) {

		} catch( IOException e ) {

		} finally {

	 * Removes surrounding quotes.
	 * @param s a string
	 * <p>
	 * If the string is null or if its length is lesser than 2, then the original string is returned.
	 * If the first and last characters are different, then the original string is returned.
	 * If the first character is not a single quote or a double quote, then the original string is returned.
	 * Otherwise, the first and last characters are returned.
	 * </p>
	private static String removeSurroundingQuotes( String s ) {

		String result;
		if( s == null )
			result = s;
		else {
			int length = s.length();
			if( length < 2 )
				result = s;
			else if( s.charAt( 0 ) != s.charAt( length - 1 ))
				result = s;
			else if( s.charAt( 0 ) != '\'' && s.charAt( 0 ) != '"' )
				result = s;
				result = s.substring( 1, s.length() - 1 );

		return result;

4 thoughts on “Listing files on a Mediafire account

    1. Well, at the moment, I needed a way to automate the resolution of Mediafire links. Something different than a manual copy/paste or an export of my links in an email. And unfortunately, Mediafire provides no REST API to list files in its own account.

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