Petals Link @ OW2 Conference – November 2010

While I am blogging, let me seize the occasion to mention the talks some of my colleagues gave last week at the OW2 conference 2010.
This annual event was hold this year at La Cantine in Paris and lasted two days. The conference mainline theme was Open Source for Open Clouds.

I was not there, so I cannot give a lot of feedback.
However, the talks were filmed and the video are available here.

Among them, there is the one of Pierre-Yves Gibello, who presented the work made on PRESTO.
PRESTO is a communication protocol based on WS Reliable Messaging (WS-RM) and powered by French Government and Administration.
It is made up of a common library (a kit), that should be able to interoperate with several Software (and this is why Microsoft and Oracle also try to support it).
Petals Link is involved in both the development of the kit and in the development of a Petals connector for PRESTO.
You can watch this talk here.

The second talk for Petals Link was made by Christophe Hamerling about Petals and Cloud Computing.
The presentation is based upon the work that has been done in a European Research project called SOA 4 All. This project focus on both large-scaled service deployments (at the Internet scale) and on Web semantics. But it also defined the foundations of the usage of Petals in cloud solutions. These foundations also contribute to the OW2 Cloud Initiative (Christophe being among the technical leaders of this initiative).
You can watch his talk here. And take a look at his blog for more feedback about the conference.

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