Introducing the Petals Studio


Given the calendar, and since I’m going to have several topics about it, I think it is a good idea to introduce the Petals Studio now.

Let’s start by the beginning.
Petals is an open-source ESB (Enterprise Service Bus), that is to say a server that can be used to integrate and make interoperate heteregeneous applications, but also to migrate towards these applications to a SOA view (*). Concretely, Petals offers a set of connectors and technical components to perform various operations. The platform is implemented in Java and is based on a standard called JBI (**).

Like I said before, Petals is an open-source platform, hosted by OW2, which is a consortium specialized in middleware applications.
The company for which I work is the main contributor to this platform. And I am also contributing to it, even if I am more precisely involved in the Eclipse tooling for this platform.

This is the point where to mention the Petals Studio.
Petals Studio is an RCP application embedding several tools for Petals. Some of these tools come from the Eclipse foundation. Some others come from other open-source projects. And eventually, the others come from our own developments, also in open-source (altough the license is not the same for all our plug-ins). For the moment, the studio looks like a usual Eclipse, since I am using almost the same application. I customized somep parts of the UI, but not all. So clearly, for the moment, I assimilate the studio to an Eclipse distribution for Petals. Even if it’s one block. I plan to make it look like something else in some months.

The creation of a dedicated Eclipse-based application for a platform is obviously not new.
And I can’t pretend the Petals Studio is or will be better than the already existing RCPs. There is too much work to do.
The ambition, if there is one, is to provide to Petals users (and customers) a simple and complete environment to develop, deploy, test and configure Petals. The studio won’t make it all alone. But it can support an important part of it.

The next Petals release will be accompagnied by a release of all the projects related to Petals, including the Studio.
I should make a pre-release this week. This will be the occasion to list some features and put screenshots on this blog.

(*) I will write another article about Petals and SOA later on.
(**) There will be also an article about JBI.

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