First steps

Hi everyone…

I finally did it. I created my own blog.
I mean, this time, I’m not hidding behind a nickname or a pseudonym. I have a personal blog, dealing with some of my hobbies, that I am hosting and running myself. I also had another blog, professional this time, hosted by my company. After several months without a post, and for different reasons, I finally decided to start a new blog.

Clearly, moving to is a big change.
There are several nice features. But I will have to accept that I can’t control everything here. Usually, I like to customize my themes and fix plugins when necessary. Typically, I won’t be able to use the themes I failed to install on my previous blog. And seeing my name in the blog title is still weird to me. It will be easier as soon as I have some contents.

Anyway… This blog will mainly deal with my work and my interests related to Software.
This will include Java related topics, but not only.

See you soon.

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