Cloud-related solutions were a jungle… or the leading path to Roboconf

I have been working on Roboconf for a little more than 2 years now. And it is true I did not really talked about this project on my blogs. Sure, I mentioned it in articles related to OSGi or technical issues. But I never took time to introduce the project. This post will allow me […]

BND, Self-Imports and SNAPSHOT versions

First, let’s define what this post achieves. You want to customize the way the Maven Bundle plug-in (or BND) write version ranges for Import-Package properties in your MANIFEST. Let’s suppose your project depends on package org.toto in version 1.1. The import range will look like org.toto;version=”[1.1,2.0)”. Assuming you want a range like org.toto;version=”[1.1,1.2)”, you will […]

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My name is Vincent Zurczak.
I am a R&D Engineer working for a French Software Editor.

I have a solid experience in Eclipse development, Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) and integration issues. I am now working on a project related to deployment and cloud computing. The project is called Roboconf and is open source.

I used to be a committer on Petals ESB (OW2), SCA Tools (Eclipse) and BPEL Designer (Eclipse).

You can also take a look at my French blog and my GitHub account.


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