Maximizing a JFace dialog programmatically

A short snippet to show you how to maximize a JFace dialog. If you have googled it, you must have heard about the method setMaximized of the Shell class. However, you have to call this method at the right place in your code. Otherwise, it will not work. The secret is to invoke this method […]

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Logging from Static Methods in e4

My Issue The e4 programming model relies on a XML application model and dependency injection. When a model element is created, fields are injected by the framework. This injection relies on a context. There is not one context, but a hierarchy of contexts, one being marked as active. In my application, I have some utility […]

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My name is Vincent Zurczak.
I am a R&D Engineer working for a French Software Editor.

I have a solid experience in Eclipse development, Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) and integration issues. I am now working on a project related to deployment and cloud computing. The project is called Roboconf and is open source.

I used to be a committer on Petals ESB (OW2), SCA Tools (Eclipse) and BPEL Designer (Eclipse).

You can also take a look at my French blog and my GitHub account.


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